I Created Battle Dogs From Different Dog Breeds, And Here’s The Result

I saw your dog 1 day and I also thought, “Hmm… it would be fun to create a centaur from a dog. I bet some body did it currently!”. I googled and discovered none. Shock! Thus I decided to do a couple of battledoges. I was thinking of a fantasy globe in which those doges could exist and just what occupations they could have. Quickly I ended up with a complete pack. We published all of them and people liked all of them. I was in fact really astonished.

Things got rolling and now I`m collaborating with amazing dudes from Punga Miniatures and soon in October, we are going to launch a Kickstarter for D&D “The Deck of numerous” project by Cardamajigs. In addition, there’s a thought for a tabletop game.

And it all started from an easy and goofy ‘what if…’ idea.

therefore people, if you should be motivated to accomplish one thing special, just get it done and share it with the globe.

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