The Winners Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Ever (New Pics)

Photoshop wizards are continuously fighting one another, using their magic abilities to ascertain who can create the funniest photos. We’ve currently showed the winners of a number of the best Photoshop battles ever, but many brand new up-and-coming photo manipulators have attempted to contest the subject since, so it’s only appropriate we modify the list.

us has actually put together a listing of before-and-after images from wildest PS battles on the web, and it will create your day. From Donald Trump entering Edvard Munchis the Scream to kitties in a spa center, vote for your preferred pictures to allow united states know what type must certanly be crowned as the most readily useful Photoshop mashup!

number 1 Trump Drinking Tap Water

number 2 This Woman Lining-up With A Novel Cover

# 3 This Cat Bathed In Light From A Stained Glass Window

#4 Trump Screaming In A Collection Of Magazines

no. 5 This Wave Crashing Over The Rock

# 6 The Saturniidae Moth Caterpillar

#7 This Chicken With Curly Feathers

#8 A Tit And Revealing It Is Prey

# 9 This Deer Wearing A Dead Bird Wig

#10 This Dog Wearing A Leaf Mask

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