Grammar Nazi Tries To School Mark Hamill Over Grammar On Twitter, Regrets It instantly

As a paid-up member of the sentence structure nazi club, I know all also really that trivial, yet nagging sense of disdain one gets whenever seeing an indigenous English speaker mangling basic terms and phrases online.

Yes, it’s pathetic. Irritating too! But a grammar nazi should at least know when to select their battles, and provoke individuals with persnickety modifications only if sure they are proper themselves. Otherwise the sentence structure nazi ultimately ends up looking like a total ass, much to any or all else’s delight.

Enter the hero associated with day, Luke Skywalker himself. Not content with becoming one of the greatest Jedi the galaxy has actually previously known, Skywalker, AKA Mark Hamill, in addition takes down grammar nazis in his time. Just what some guy!

After shooting off an adorable tweet about his celebrity Wars co-star Kelly Marie Tran, full of love and compliments on her overall performance in movie, the grammar nazi struck aided by the classic your/you’re correction. Drama! Hamill had the perfect response up their sleeve but and handled it like an absolute pro. This started a chain reaction of sentence structure geeking-out which makes for entertaining reading, sentence structure nazi or otherwise not!

Scroll listed below to see how it unfolded, and write to us everything think in the reviews!

Mark Hamill took to Twitter to provide a shout out loud towards the brand new Star Wars celebrity Kelly Marie Tran

however the internet wouldn’t end up being the internet if it didn’t register every small slip you make

Yet Hamill had been quick to generate a slick comeback

Only to be topped by the dudes at Merriam-Webster dictionary

Who then, of course, had been corrected besides

Starting a grammar nazi thread online

Are you a grammar nazi? Write to us everything believe when you look at the opinions!

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