Dad Of 4 Girls Tweets Conversations along with his Daughters, And It’s Impossible to not ever Laugh At Them (Part 2)

Most moms and dads photograph or film kids growing up, but James Breakwell (previously here and here) has actually one other way of documenting the precious moments he shares along with his 4 daughters. Since April 2016, the comedy publisher and household man from Indianapolis makes use of Twitter to share with you the everyday conversations he has together with women.

With over 1M followers and counting, James promises that their kids love the attention. “They fancy the things I do on Twitter because it really is exactly about them,” Breakwell told Buzzfeed. “On one side, Twitter makes me an improved parent because I spend more time with my young ones. Conversely, Twitter tends to make me personally a much even worse father because we just do it to obtain more product.” Scroll down seriously to consider why there’s plenty buzz round the Breakwells and upvote your preferred tweets.

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