“I’ve Been creating Dresses From Wrapping Paper After The vacations for some many years”“I’ve already been making clothes from wrapping paper following the vacations for a few many years,” says designer Olivia Mears

couple of things are far more thrilling than ripping open a Christmas present, however the shiny wrapping paper that gets thrown away afterward often goes directly to the landfill. North Carolinian outfit fashion designer Olivia Mears, known on social networking as avantgeek, has come up with a fantastic method to reuse those picked-over bundles – by-turning all of them into majestic dresses.

The innovative idea found Mears back in late December of 2013, and after going viral along with her very first design, it became clear your eco-conscious outfits would have to come to be an annual tradition. “I’m constantly impressed to get unconventional or recyclable what to make dresses/art off,” she blogged towards idea. Each dress consists of recycled wrapping report, ribbons, bows, and numerous sparkle. In the event that you’ve ever truly imagined just what a Disney princess might put on to a Christmas celebration, this is certainly undeniably it.

Scroll down to see what equivalent girl whom made an amazing pizza pie dress earlier this present year gets to all over vacations, and inform us if you’d dare to try putting these along with your leftover Christmas chaos.

“I’ve been making clothes from wrapping paper after the holidays for a few years,” claims designer Olivia Mears

“This may be the first wrap report gown I made back in 2013 from paper and decorations leftover from the xmas mayhem”

“There tend to be couple of things I enjoy over giant bows on butts”

“The latest one from this 12 months. I used the paper which was left after wrapping gift ideas for this dress”

“[2014’s] dress created from paper, accessories, tape & glue, in addition with a petticoat for support”

“I’ve reconstructed this 1 several times, once after getting caught in the pouring rain…”

“I’m continuously encouraged locate unconventional or recyclable items to make dresses/art out of”

“Bonus image of my Christmas time sweater. I’m a fire risk”

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