We Tried To Hatch These Four Eggs Bought On Ebay which Is How The Activities Unfolded

We live on a farm, and around came enough time of year in which we do egg hatching to change any birds that individuals lost the last 12 months.

often, we source the chicken eggs locally, but this season we made a decision to check always eBay when it comes to bird eggs, and now we spotted emu hatching eggs. Obviously, we were very curious and began researching about rearing emus as farm wild birds.

In the end, we decided that a set of birds is ideal, therefore we bought four emu eggs since the vendor had all of them detailed as about 50% virility opportunity.

which’s exactly how Paul’s story commences.

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Emu egg vs chicken egg

The level of an emu egg is approximately 14 times compared to a regular chicken egg.

Sadly only 1 for the unique bird’s eggs had been fertile. Here is an image of this only emu hatchling. We performedn’t know whether she’d survive because she was extremely poor together with become assisted off the woman shell.

I can’t assist but genuinely believe that maybe we got the hatching procedure incorrect and maybe it’s our fault we performedn’t have two healthy chicks, but we attempted our most useful and did loads of analysis, at the least we got one chick.

Anyway, a week later while the chick seems definitely better! We chose to phone her Paul briefly before discovering that this woman is probably women, but the title stuck.

this might be about fourteen days after she hatched. We’d to drive down south for a couple days, but there is nobody residence to provide for Paul, so we took this lady with us. The journey had been really messy but ended up being an entertaining one, to put it mildly!

Here Paul is about six weeks old; you can see the woman baby feathers tend to be just starting to disappear on the throat and you may more or less write out the woman ear holes today.

There’s a huge leap here because we went back to institution for a couple of months. Her beautiful stripes have gone off the woman head and neck, and her straight back feathers are beginning to show darker.

I was thinking this could be the past image i acquired of Paul

After the earlier photo was taken, she got a nasty infection which she was able to hide from united states for quite some time.

Suddenly one evening she could hardly walk and wasn’t eating or ingesting everything. This photo is from the 2nd time we took the girl to the veterinarian; the 1st time we took the woman we idea she was just a bit worse for wear but luckily one of our local vets used to assist ostriches in South Africa, so he understood a fair quantity about big wild birds. Anyhow, the veterinarian informed us so how bad the problem ended up being which it had been unlikely she’d allow it to be. I took this image because I truly believed she’d perish at the vets.

We’re extremely grateful to the vets, they didn’t charge united states a penny with regards to their time, just for the materials they used, since they enjoyed using the services of Paul much. We’re not exactly financially stable currently, therefore we had been truly relocated once they gave united states the balance.

And here this woman is looking more healthy! It took about a couple of weeks for her for over her infection, but she didn’t apparently grow anyway in that time.

She spends plenty of her days with your chickens. I believe she probably has an identity crisis – not sure if she’s a chicken, your dog, or an individual.

Present time – you can see that the woman head and throat are starting to turn blue. She’s practically at her biggest now but could keep growing for another 12 months nevertheless.

Sorry for the poor quality about this one, however it had been too-good to leave on!

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